As lockdown gets eased off, from every angle we’re getting told we’re entering a ‘new normal’ and that we’ll have to accept and get used to it. We really don’t know why the powers that be use the term ‘new normal’ as given the profound changes that will be wreaked upon our lives, there’s nothing ‘normal’ about it. A future where you have to surrender personal data and accept what until recently would have been regarded as an unprecedented level of tracking and surveillance can only be described as an abnormal dystopia. This is why we use the term ‘new (ab)normal’ as it’s a considerably more accurate description of the kind of future we face if people don’t start to stand up and resist.

A new (ab)normal that feels like there’s no way of escaping from. From messaging on the radio, TV and online, to warning signage all over the place when you’re out and about, it feels like we’re in the middle of a massive psyops experiment. And it’s one that the sadistic fuckers inflicting it upon us and the unthinking acolytes in the general population they’ve conned into buying their line seem to relish. This is what we wrote about about the impact of these psyops on our collective psyche at the end of July: Gaslighting.

We’re far from the only people looking at how the new (ab)normal and the psyops being deployed to instil compliance is not just changing the way we live but is starting to change how we perceive and react to events. Here are two pieces looking at the impact of this new (ab)normal on our lives:

The New Normal: What is the UK Biosecurity State? (Part 1. Programmes and Regulations) – Architects For Social Housing | 31 July 2020
The world of parliamentary democracies, of civil liberties and human rights, including our rights of assembly, speech, thought, privacy and a fair trial, of the division of powers between an executive, legislature and judiciary, of media scrutiny of Government, of freedom from censorship, of political activity itself, is now over.
We’ve posted a link to this piece before and make no apology for doing so again because it argues against the totalitarianism we face on the basis of sound research and facts.

Invasion of the New Normals – CJ Hopkins | OffGuardian | 10 August 2020
They’re here! No, not the pod people from Invasion of the Body Snatchers. We’re not being colonized by giant alien fruit. I’m afraid it is a little more serious than that. People’s minds are being taken over by a much more destructive and less otherworldly force … a force that transforms them overnight into aggressively paranoid, order-following, propaganda-parroting totalitarians.
Okay, we recognise that this piece from CJ Hopkins will not be to everyone’s taste as it pulls no punches! We’re including this link because we’ve reached the stage where we can no longer afford to pull our punches.

As political activists, it has got to the point where we’re having to re-evaluate our alliances to see who we can and cannot trust as we sleepwalk towards a dystopian high tech 21st century form of totalitarianism. We know a number of people and groups uncritically going along with lockdown, widespread tracking, tracing and surveillance, continuing physical separation and face masking because they haven’t taken a few steps back to look at the bigger picture and genuinely believe they’re doing the right thing. As much as we find this infuriating, we’ll carry on doing our best to persuade them to look at the bigger picture, realise what’s coming if we don’t act, and hope they’ll eventually join us in the resistance.

A few people, some of who really should have known better, have implied that we’re some kind of ‘conspiracy theorists’! Mind you, these days, the definition of ‘conspiracy theory’ has been widened so much that it will include anyone who wants to go beyond the narrative they’re being fed in the mainstream media and ask a few pointed questions about what’s being done to us in the name of supposedly ‘dealing with COVID-19’.

It’s not conspiracy theory to state that a lockdown that has trashed many sectors of the economy will be seen by some as an opportunity to accumulate more wealth and control for themselves. At the start of the crisis, hedge funds saw opportunities to make gains: This hedge fund bet against coronavirus-vulnerable stocks. It’s up 26% this year and: Hedge funds are pouncing on companies infected by coronavirus. Bricks and mortar stores, big and small have been clobbered by the lockdown and many could well end up going to the wall. Meanwhile, the big corporations such as Amazon have unsurprisingly thrived during lockdown: Amazon, Facebook and Apple thriving in lockdown.

The tech industry has seen lockdown and the ‘fight’ against COVID-19 as an opportunity to not only develop and market new technologies but also to use them to gain more control over our lives as we’re subjected to more tracking and surveillance: 10 technology trends to watch in the COVID-19 pandemic. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the pharmaceutical industry see the ongoing situation as a once in a lifetime opportunity: Big Pharma executives are cashing in as COVID-19 vaccine race sends shares surging.

Should you be a) unable to afford to keep up with this technology or b) refuse to use it, you will swiftly find yourself shut out of much of modern life to the point where it will be difficult to survive. One example is the CovidPass for your smartphone being touted by none other than the World Economic Forum which, if you don’t own such a device, will make life very difficult – a point we made in this piece: The World Economic Forum widening the digital divide.

The tech industry and big pharma have a lot riding on the current situation. For purely commercial reasons, they’re happy to see the ongoing level of anxiety carry on because it will create an audience and a market for their services and products that will reap them enormous rewards. It’s not ‘conspiracy theory’ to state that – it’s simply an understanding of and observation about how late stage capitalism functions. Follow the money, see what the connections are and it’s all too obvious that some very big players stand to make a lot of money and gain a lot of control from the current situation.

Some of the accusations of ‘conspiracy theory’ are aimed at those who think the situation is a wealth and power grab that has been meticulously planned down to the last detail. We hope we’ve made it clear that we don’t subscribe to that view… However, it’s entirely reasonable that the tech industry and big pharma have anticipated and planned for a scenario such as the one we’re living through. The hedge funds certainly have – that’s the whole point of their existence! Then there’s this quote which many players seem to be putting into practice: “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” Rahm Emanuel – former White House Chief of Staff 2009-2010

While the situation was not planned down to the last detail, it’s certainly being exploited by players who want to ruthlessly accumulate wealth and power regardless of the consequences to us mere mortals. A massive centralising of wealth and power is underway and calling it a ‘reset’ is, in our view, a reasonably accurate assessment of the situation. The evidence of this is available for anyone who cares to do a bit of research. It’s not like some of the big players in this scenario are even bothering to hide their agenda of re-shaping the global economy and society and using the ongoing crisis to do so. So, why are we arguing about who is and isn’t a ‘conspiracy theorist’, allowing ourselves to be divided and pitted against each other while day by day, the threat to individual and collective freedom and autonomy grows?

Once the opportunities for wealth accumulation and the centralising of power started to crystallise, those who stood to benefit did what they could to influence governments, the media and by definition, the population. By and large, they played a blinder considering there was probably no detailed plan in place beforehand, just a number of paper exercises and scenarios which were deployed and implemented to the max. A significant part of this was scaring enough of the population into compliance and then pitting them against those of us questioning the prevailing narrative of fear. Classic divide and rule tactics which to date, would appear to be working.

However, there are signs for optimism as resistance starts to grow. There’s the passive resistance of wearing a mask as a box ticking exercise to signal compliance but it’s clear from the demeanour of a fair few people there’s absolutely no belief in it. There’s the growing level of frustration from people trying to get their clubs and institutions back up and running but who are running into a baffling array of rules and regulations which make their task difficult, if not impossible. This ranges from non-league football clubs frustrated with the Football Association telling them to play all of their pre-season friendlies behind closed doors to churches effectively being told how they can and can’t worship.

Also, there are the crowds at the seaside, the beach parties, the block parties on the estates and the raves in the countryside. All very hedonistic which will not only earn them the ire of the elements of middle England who have brought into the COVID-19 control psyops but also those puritanical, authoritarian elements in the Left who just hate to see people having a good time.

Those who stand to gain wealth and power from exploiting the crisis are starting to see this. Hence the ramping up of the propaganda and psyops in a bid to keep the populace fearful and compliant enough to do their bidding. The next month or so are critical. There’s a chance that things can be turned around and that we will stop the slide towards a hi tech, dystopian totalitarianism if we can set aside the differences we have, lay off the accusations of ‘conspiracy theory’ and unite to deal with what we have right in front of us.