This clip was taken from the World Economic Forum’s Facebook page:

Your future – a digital CovidPass on your smartphone that you’ll have to present to get access to any major events and most likely, pubs, restaurants and shops as well in the future. A Q code on a smartphone. On a smartphone… Just think about that for a while.

Basically, what the WEF are implying is that if you don’t own a smartphone, you’ll have to forgo your right to freely move around. If you don’t own a smartphone, you won’t be considered as a full citizen – just a Luddite ‘nuisance’ to be dealt with at a later date. A fair number of people still don’t own smartphones. What the WEF are implying is that their existence doesn’t matter. The psychopaths at the WEF are knowingly widening the digital divide with seemingly no regard to the consequences to those on the ‘wrong’ side of it. If you want some thoughts on life for those who, for whatever reason, don’t have smartphones, this is an excellent read: Bridge the digital divide.

At the start of lockdown, we predicted this discriminatory measure would be one of the likely consequences of the actions ostensibly being undertaken in order to ‘contain’ the virus. We noticed a few whispers behind our backs implying we were ‘conspiracy theorists’ for pointing this out. Well, here it is straight from the horse’s mouth! To those who implied we were ‘conspiracy theorists’ a full apology wouldn’t go amiss…we’ll wait…