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The South Essex Heckler - Archive

News, views and commentary with an anarchist twist

Guest posts

Animal slaughter when combating disease
Guest post from: David Lamb
There is a message doing the rounds on FB pointing out that the Coronavirus is not spread by animals and that pet owners should not be panicked into parting with their dogs and cats. This is sensible advice, but can we trust the scientists not to include animals as a risk? Recent history has shown that governments are too easily advised to resort to mass slaughter of animals in response to a panic over disease. It will only take a couple of scientists backed by the media to create a panic and terrified politicians will respond. Science may be objective, but the management of scientific research has always involved a messy interplay between politics and scientific research.

Consequentialist Ethics and the Corona Virus
Guest post from: David Lamb – Wednesday, 11 March 2020
The objective of any ethical inquiry into any proposal or activity is not to determine their efficacy or popularity but to assess their moral status; is it right or wrong to employ them? The UK Government now recognise the seriousness of the corona virus outbreak, but managing the outbreak, we are told, is a balancing act with lots of factors. Ministers want to take radical measures to combat the virus with the option of closing schools, or cancelling big events but against this are costs to the social order and employment.

Where is the solidarity for the sick and disabled?
Guest post from: Valen Cook
For all their talk of solidarity, following Labour’s disastrous General Election defeat last month, the Left have happily started saying in a loud voice that various communities shouldn’t be left behind in their attempts to rebuild what they lost.

Abolitionist Veganism in the UK
Guest post from: The Dengie Abolitionist (2020)
More and more people are turning to veganism. The rapid rise in veganism can be partly attributed to the rise in social media, where we see trends emerge due to the rapid spread of information and ideas. What was once dismissed as a cranky fad is now becoming mainstream.

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