One of the posh new bins on Billericay High Street

The tarting up of Billericay High Street initiated by the previous Tory administration is still proceeding with a shed load of money spent on new, co-ordinated street furniture. In an age of permanent austerity, you’d have thought that replacement of damaged items such as litter bins would be sufficient but it appears that this wasn’t good enough for the Billericay Tories who exist on a different planet to the rest of us plebs.

One of our contacts from the Vange Hill Community Group (VHCG) has contacted Basildon Council to ask what is happening to the litter bins that are being replaced. Sure some are damaged and beyond use but most are serviceable. The reason VHCG have asked this question is because of the dearth of litter bins on the Vange Hill estate. This is despite frequent requests to the council to provide bins at key points across the estate.

Obviously, no one likes to be asking for cast offs, particularly from Billericay. However, in the interests of recycling/re-use, cost saving and simply getting the litter bins the estate needs, VHCG feel that it’s appropriate to ask what’s the fate of the Billericay bins. So, Basildon Council, if you have got any serviceable bins from Billericay High Street to spare, the residents of the Vange Hill estate would be very grateful to have them:)