The image above was shot a few months back after the brook in Gloucester Park (adjacent to Basildon town centre) was cleared out and the debris and rubbish was dumped in this cage and left. It’s now June and it’s still here, albeit sprouting weeds.

Do the council ever intend to clear this away or is something else going on? Could it be that this is supposed to be a deep, meaningful piece of conceptual art given to us mere plebs by Basildon Council? Is this some profound statement about life in 21st century Basildon? To be honest, if it was, it would be pretty accurate! Or is it simply the case that the council simply couldn’t give a shit about Gloucester Park?

When Basildon New Town was planned, like all the other new towns that were being built at that time, parkland and open space were designed in as an integral part of the development. The aim was to give people moving out from cramped, substandard accommodation in London easy access to green space. There have been many studies and reports confirming the benefits of parks to the physical and mental health of the surrounding communities. That message needs to be communicated to Basildon Council…

Since the local elections in May and some back room dealings, there’s now a new administration in place at Basildon Council. Actually showing that the council cares about the open spaces in their care would be a great way for the new administration to get off on the right. Friends of Gloucester Park have now contacted the ward councillors about the caged rubbish from the brook. Let’s hope this marks a new beginning for the park where it’s properly recognised as a vital community asset.