This is a re-work of a flyer we produced with Basildon & Southend Housing Action way back in 2016. We’re thinking about bringing it out again once we can think of something to stick on the other side. It’s still relevant because London boroughs, Labour and Tory alike, are all complicit in social cleansing as they welcome with open arms, developers putting up block after block of apartments in the capital that act more as investment vehicles than homes. This flyer is aimed at people out here on the housing waiting list as an explainer of why households from London are being parked out here in private, rented accommodation. The aim is to get them to direct their anger at the bastards facilitating and profiting from so called ‘re-generation’ and not at the poor sods being moved away from friends, family and support networks. Because the housing struggle is one fight and we won’t let the divide and rule merchants break that.