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These are some of the leaflets and pamphlets we’ve produced. A selection of these are generally available when we have a stall at an event. Please note that not all of these have been printed yet! If you would like any of the printed leaflets/pamphlets for your own use, e-mail us here – – and we’ll get them to you.

PLEASE NOTE – For the best viewing experience, we recommend that you download these PDFs from DropBox to your PC/laptop/phone.

Guerilla gardening… Just do it! – PRINTED
We live in uncertain times where there’s more potential for disruption to the food supply and a question mark over the quality of the limited choice of food we’re left with. Rather than give into despair or naïvely hold out the hope that things will turn out okay in the end, why not join up with your neighbours to start your own community vegetable and fruit garden?

Taking back our land – PRINTED
Land ownership is a means of exerting power. Taking back the land from the owners and re-purposing it as a community asset is a challenge to that power.

Abolitionist Veganism in the UK – PRINTED
To ‘abolish’ something means to bring about a complete end to something. We urgently need to completely abolish all animal use. And we can.

Putting the politics into veganism – PRINTED
Veganism used to be radical. It used to be seen as a challenge to the choke hold big business has on our food supply. Now it’s been co-opted by the brands and retailers and turned into another lifestyle option they can exploit for profit..

Just what do we mean by ‘identity politics’? – TO BE PRINTED
The term identity politics has become a bit of a lightning rod in the anarchist/radical movement, with some saying it should be a central part of what we do while others say it’s a distraction from class struggle. Looking back through some of the previous posts I’ve made on here, you could be forgiven for thinking that I’m firmly in the latter camp. It’s true that class struggle politics does inform a lot of my activity but I’m starting to seriously question what it is I’m supposed to be defining this against when it comes to political priorities.

‘Legitimate concerns?’ Yes, they are legitimate! – TO BE PRINTED
There are some supposedly radical / anarchist commentators who seem to be able to manage the feat of ascribing racist motives to concerns expressed by working class people about the way their neighbourhoods and communities are changing as a result of the impersonal forces of late capitalism.

Difficult definitions:‘White working class’ and ‘white privilege’ – TO BE PRINTED
This pamphlet is written by someone who is a) working class and b) happens to be white but who emphatically rejects being described as ‘white working class’. What follows is an exploration of why I find use of the term a problem while acknowledging the historical advantages the native working class in Britain have been able to enjoy as a result of being allowed just enough access to the spoils of empire to be brought off from revolutionary radicalism.

The debate that won’t go away – Working Class Anarchism versus Middle Class Identity Politics – TO BE PRINTED
There’s a perception that anarchism has little to offer working class people. What we’re trying to do is to develop a way of getting anarchist ideas across to people in a jargon free way that they can relate to and start to act upon.

Not feeling safe in your neighbourhood? – PRINTED
Way back in 2007 and 2008 when we stood in the local elections for the Independent Working Class Association (IWCA) in the Stanford East & Corringham Town ward, one of the issues that was frequently raised on the doorstep was community safety.

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