Looking at this now archived blog, it’s clear it had become a bit of a monster. It was trying to be all things to all people and when a project gets like that, it loses clarity and focus. On the one hand, with our posts about the arrogance/incompetence of Thurrock + Basildon councils, we were trying to attract a local audience. On the other hand, with the On Uncertain Ground section plus numerous posts in the main news feed about anything from our thoughts on lockdown to re-blogs from DiY Culture, we were also trying to appeal to an anarchist audience. Maintaining a blog with this range and scope was sapping too much of our energy and it had to come to an end.

There are now two more focused successor projects to this blog.

They are:

The Thurrock and Basildon Heckler

Basically, this blog is run by fed up residents who want to hold both Thurrock and Basildon councils to account and get people stirred up enough to start fighting back against decades of bluster, bullshit and incompetence. It’s calling truth to power but hopefully keeping you entertained as well as getting inspired to take action:) Content note – we do swear a bit! Putting up with the shite we get from those who presume to rule us is enough to make a saint get sweary…”


Estuary Stirrings

What gets posted up on here are mainly my attempts to understand the weird, dystopian situation we’re in. Also, more reflective pieces on issues such as identity politics.”

Basically, this is a slimmed down version of the On Uncertain Ground section of this blog. It will get updated on an as and when basis which may mean a gap of a week or so between posts.

At some point, we may add a blog on Tumblr which will be a means of sharing all of the graphics we’ve produced over the years…

Last but by no means least, here’s our sister project:

Alternative Estuary – blog

Alternative Estuary – Facebook

Alternative Estuary is all about promoting grassroots community projects that aim to make a difference in the here and now. It’s about building the new world we want in the decaying shell of the dystopian one we currently have to endure.

Right that’s it! Hopefully, we’ve explained the changes to our project and the reasons we’ve made them. We welcome you in following the successor blogs. From this point, it’s onwards and upwards…