It’s no secret that we’ve been critical of many aspects of lockdown and the ‘new normal’ we’re now entering.

This has been for a range of reasons:

  • The sickening treatment of elderly patients with COVID-19 shoved out of hospitals, untested, into care homes full of residents with a range of serious health conditions and the tragic deaths that followed.
  • The under-acknowledged mental health impact on many people of months of isolation and being cut off from friends and family.
  • The long term consequences for the loss of personal freedom resulting from the technologies facilitating tracking and surveillance to ostensibly ‘contain the virus’ but which will inevitably be implemented for other very dubious control purposes.
  • Companies developing ‘vaccines’ for COVID-19 making sure they’re free of any liability should people suffer serious side effects and long term health issues. If something goes wrong and there’s no recourse, you can’t blame the growing number of people being cynical about the ‘vaccine’ and the profit driven pharmaceutical companies developing them.

These are just a few of the many concerns we’ve discussed in posts on the Heckler going all the way back to the start of April. These are genuine concerns we’ve raised in good faith. So when we come across comments implying that we’re ‘conspiracy theorists’ or ‘selfish pricks’ from people we hoped would have known better, it really sticks in our throats.

Given all of the above, some people would have expected us to have attended the Stand Up X protest held yesterday in London. We didn’t attend. The reason being that when we took a look at the line up of speakers that included David Icke, our thought was that this was as helpful as a kick in the proverbials. It makes our job of raising all of the legitimate concerns about the situation a lot harder.

While we reckon the line of of speakers Stand Up X had was questionable, we’re reluctant to condemn the thousands of people who turned up for the protest. Sure, there were a few unpleasant characters* with far right leanings, but from what we’ve gathered from people we follow on Twitter who attended the protest yesterday, most were ordinary people of all and no political persuasions who after five months of lockdown and the emerging ‘new normal’ have had enough.

Anyone of a radical persuasion who is making a blanket condemnation of the people attending the protest should really be asking themselves what they’ve done to address people’s legitimate concerns about the impact of lockdown, what a ‘new normal’ is going to look like and worries about taking a rushed through vaccine. We’ve heard and read a lot of virtue signalling and snide comments aimed at people who have not coped well with lockdown and are not coping well with the new normal. Some of this comes from people we hoped would have been better:( We’ve heard very little in the way of constructive engagement…

If people of a radical persuasion are concerned about iffy political elements exploiting people’s concerns about the situation, may we make these suggestions:

  • Constructively engage with those concerns so there’s a genuine dialogue instead of a slanging match.
  • Also, lay off the virtue signalling and snide, snarky comments because all you’re achieving is driving people fed up with the situation into the arms of questionable political elements.

What we saw on the streets yesterday is a new political phenomena. Rather than leap straight in with blanket condemnation, radicals and anarchists would do well to understand what this is about. Having done so, we can then identify the elements we would want to constructively engage with.

As ever, we’re always open to constructive debate. Anyone who starts getting snarky or abusive will be getting blocked.

*We don’t think there’s ever been a large scale protest we’ve been on that hasn’t attracted people with questionable motives and politics. Those who are condemning the StandUpX protesters have been on these protests with us and seen these characters. People who live in glass houses really shouldn’t throw stones!