Here’s just one example of why a growing number of people worn down by lockdown are starting to question what’s required of them in the new (ab)normal we’re being marshalled into. Pubs and bars have been open for a while, subject to a range of conditions and restrictions. This includes the bars at non-league football clubs.

This is where it gets ridiculous. You can have a drink in the bar at your local non-league club but you’re not allowed by the Football Association to watch a pre-season friendly inside the ground. A non-league pre-season friendly at the Isthmian League level would probably attract 100-150 fans. This would be in a ground that would typically hold around 3,000 spectators. If people still feel they need to physically distance from other fans to avoid contracting COVID-19, there’s absolutely no problem in doing that. Although whether there’s still a need to do this is a matter of some considerable debate…

Non-league football clubs are in the main, genuine community focused institutions. The reasons for this range from the chance to watch football at an affordable price, the camaraderie with fellow fans through to the number of clubs involved in schemes to help their local communities during the lockdown. Yet despite all of this, they’re being stuffed by a Football Association who instead of looking after the interests of the clubs they’re supposed to represent, are doing the bidding of the government in forcing us into the anti-social new (ab)normal.

If this goes beyond pre-season into the football season proper, then the loss of revenue will threaten the future of a growing number of non-league clubs. Valued community institutions will be lost. The consequence of this will be more atomisation and isolation. Which may suit those who presume to rule over us as it helps with their agenda of divide and rule.

Well, bollocks to that because we’re not going to accept this in any way, shape or form!