Way back in February in the ‘before times’, we plugged this: Alternative Estuary No.4 back from the printer. As the content is fairly generic, we tend to spread the distribution of Alternative Estuary out over a few months. We’d got through the distribution of about a quarter of the print run when the COVID-19 crisis and the lockdown hit. Ever since then, the Alternative Estuary ‘zines have been sitting in a box gathering dust:(

We’ve had a quick scan through a copy to see if the ‘zine would have dated in any way given that much of the text was written back in January. We found this:

“As we’ve written on both the Alternative Estuary and South Essex Heckler blogs, this year will be volatile and unpredictable as the dysfunctional, dystopian system we have to endure lurches from one crisis to the next.”

Not wanting to blow our own trumpet but that turned out to be an all too accurate prediction…

Much of the content of Alternative Estuary No.4 still holds true so with your help, we’d like to shift the rest of the printed copies. If we’re being realistic, it’s highly unlikely we’ll be having a stall at any events this year. That just leaves the few venues we have left copies at before such as The Railway Hotel in Clifftown Road, Southend. As and when these venues open up again, we’ll look at getting down to Southend to start leaving some bundles around.

What would really help is if any of our followers in the south of Essex would be willing to take a small bundle to hand out to people they know in their area. If you can help out, this is where we can be contacted:

E-mail: seradicalmedia@protonmail.com

Whether it’s by post or meeting up in person, we’ll work out a way of getting a bundle of the ‘zines to you.

To help you decide if you want to help us out, this is where you can view a PDF of Alternative Estuary No.4.