Stating the obvious and really shouldn’t be controversial but…we live in strange times and some people in the anarchist ‘movement’ do object to views like this. As we find ourselves on the fringes of the ‘movement’, that actually gives us the freedom to re-blog this without having to worry too much about the consequences.

The piece below is from the D.i.Y.CULTURE#10 | The Anarchist Revolution – Then And Now edition

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By Martin Wright AKA The Whitechapel Anarchist

To the outside observer, much of what erroneously passes for the UK anarchist movement might look like middle-class ‘identity’ or ‘life-style’ activists. None of which bears any relation, or pays any respect to revolutionary working class anarchist politics. It is the realm of a handful of cranks and cultists and appeals to an exclusive minority of ‘leftists’ who are far removed from the world of struggle against state, capitalism and authority. These individuals are usually born into privileged circumstances, ‘well educated’, far removed from the bitter realities of class conflict and blanketed from the cold machinations of the state. This ‘life-style’ posturing, makes…

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