About a month ago we wrote this post questioning the conflict between the ‘advice’ from Basildon Council on physical distancing during the COVID-19 crisis and the work Essex Highways are carrying out on the underpass by the railway station which made following that advice difficult to say the least: Conflicting signals. Work which involves the eventual blocking up of the underpass to help facilitate the ‘vision’ for the future of Basildon town centre that the leader of the council, Gavin Callaghan (Lab) is currently evangelising over.

A contact of ours in Basildon has sent us a series of images which illustrate the almost comical tension between the desire to get the work on the underpass done while trying to pay some kind of lip service to the messaging we’re being bombarded with about physical distancing…

The council want pedestrians to maintain physical distancing protocol while at the same time, forcing them into a narrow coned off walkway by a busy main road that makes keeping two metres apart a bit of a challenge!

To be honest, you’d be a lot safer being just a couple of feet from a fellow human being than taking your chances with the traffic beyond the cones:)

There is no sanitiser provided anywhere near here so what is this bullshit actually about?

Hop over the barrier and take your chances with the traffic to ensure you’re two metres away from any other human you may encounter along this fenced in walkway? Nope, you’ll be far safer getting closer than two metres to another human:)

Seriously, you couldn’t make this up if you tried! When people see contradictory bullshit like this, is it any wonder that a growing number are starting to chafe against physical distancing protocols in particular and lockdown in general? Also, given the apparent lack of information explaining the intention of the works, is it any wonder that people get a bit cynical about the ‘regeneration’ bullshit currently emanating from Basildon Council and Essex County Council?

All of this feels like stuff that’s being done to us rather than anything we have any meaningful say in. There’s only so much of this people can take before something starts to give. How that plays out could prove to be ‘interesting’ to say the least…