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Welcome to the eighth online crisis edition of the Heckler. A heads up – there won’t be another online crisis edition until after May Day. The reason being is that I’m going to be busy until then helping DiY CULTURE put together their next online publication – watch this space for announcements:)

We’re beginning to sense a growing degree of lockdown fatigue. We’ll be keeping an eye on that and also, how the authorities react to that. So, the next online edition of the Heckler may well have a different feel to it.

As for the long term, we really can’t see ourselves having any opportunity for real life, face to face distribution of any propaganda until the latter part of the year at the earliest. Which means we’re going to have to think seriously about how we operate online, how secure our platforms are and whether we may have to re-locate to more secure ones in the future.

Dave (the editor)