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These are the most recent posts we’ve put up relating to the impact of the emergency measures that have been brought in to deal with the COVID-19 crisis:

The consequences of the COVID-19 crisis for freedom and solidarity
Solidarity yes, snitching on your neighbour, no!
Police use Stasi-style snitching portals as hypocrisy over park use rumbles on

We have a choice. We either submit to the snitching culture that the authorities rely upon to back up the emergency measures they’ve brought in to supposedly deal with the COVID-19 crisis or we start to make a stand. It’s been said before but we make no apologies for repeating it – tolerating a culture of snitching will lead to further undermining of neighbourhood solidarity and cohesion because the basic bonds of trust between us will have been broken. Which is exactly what the authorities want when they force austerity and social control over us once the initial phase of the COVID-19 crisis has passed. They want us divided and at each others throats because we’ll be easier to screw over and control. Snitches are the renegades within who will foster these divisions if they’re not confronted…