Thurrock Council workers out today (6.4) in Tilbury (left) and Grays (right) with no attempt at physical distancing or using effective Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). These images were originally used on Thurrock Nub News (link below).

Yesterday, we published this piece on demolition workers in Basildon town centre having to operate in a way that breaches Government guidelines on physical distancing in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic: ‘Lockdown’ for a lot of us, business as normal for Squibb. Today, we saw this piece on Thurrock Nub News about Thurrock Council workers and contractors operating in ways that breach physical distancing guidelines (see images above) and also potentially, put residents at risk from infection: Legionnaire’s disease v coronavirus. Council slammed as it sends contractors into council homes and puts residents at risk of Covid-19. Meanwhile other workers flout guidelines.

Not only that, on the public Facebook page of the Save Our Cliffs campaign in Southend, there are images (see above) of construction on the site of the former Esplanade public house that’s still ongoing. Construction of a block of seafront apartments. If we are supposed to be in the middle of a national emergency where all but ‘essential’ work has ceased, why is the construction of an apartment block still happening when it’s not exactly ‘essential’?

We’re baffled by what to all intents and purposes resembles parallel realities running alongside each other. Many of us have been laid off or are working from home with strict conditions imposed on when we can leave our homes. When we are allowed out and about, we feel obliged to observe strict physical distancing protocol not just in the obvious situations such as queuing to get into the supermarket, but also when we’re out getting some walking exercise in over the local marshes. Life feels a heck of a lot more limited than we ever have imagined it could be, with no clear end in sight. All in the name of supposedly flattening and reducing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Having said this, it has been pointed out by a few comrades that this is still a lot better than being banged up in a prison cell!

Away from the limiting reality many of us are experiencing, there’s a world of council workers, contractors, demolition and construction workers who appear to be carrying on pretty much as normal. What is noticeable about the incidences of this that have been brought to our attention so far is a) the apparent lack of any PPE and b) scant regard to physical distancing protocol – both of which we’re told are vital to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Is there a breed of council workers, contractors, demolition and construction workers with a built in immunity to COVID-19? We’re not epidemiologists but it’s reasonable to assume that these occupations don’t offer you immunity. So, what the heck is going on here? Suffice to say, the more we look at this, the more things don’t seem to add up in any meaningful way…