We’ve just seen this piece on Thurrock Nub News: Anger as ruling group declines to answer question on the amount that A13 widening project has burst its budget.

We’ve reached the point with Thurrock Council and their penchant for making a complete botch of infrastructure projects while keeping us mere mortals in the dark as to what the feck is actually going on, that our response these days is…a world weary sigh. A very, very heavy sigh…

Really, it’s high time for Thurrock Council to get the dictionary out and then engage in some serious self reflection…

transparency – noun
the quality of being done in an open way without secrets:
We want more transparency in government.

honesty – noun
the quality of being honest:
I appreciate your honesty.
I must tell you in all honesty (= truthfully and hiding nothing) that there is little chance of the proposal being approved.

Their seemingly continuing refusal to be open and honest with the residents they’re supposed to be serving is yet another sign that the system of ‘local democracy’ we have is nothing more than a sham. They’re treating us with utter contempt. There’s only so much people can take before something gives. It could be that the first sign that something has given will be people’s growing refusal to pay the council tax that funds these charlatans…