Here’s a variety of readings (including ours) from a range of radical, anarchist and communist sources looking back at 2019, particularly the impact and aftermath of the election, and looking forward to what may happen in 2020. Gathered here in one place to save you the effort of trawling through the Net. Obviously, this is not a comprehensive list so, if you have written or know of one you think should be included, let us know and we’ll drop it in:) Inclusion doesn’t necessarily equate with full agreement – the criteria is having something interesting/thought provoking/useful to say.

Looking back and looking forwards (South Essex Heckler)

Corbynism after Corbyn: Bankruptcy of Electoralism (Anarchist Communist Group)

Never Mind the Ballots, Create the Resistance (Anarchist Communist Group)

Labour defeat – Thoughts on democratic socialism (Angry Workers of the World)

What Does The General Election Mean? (Architects For Social Housing)

The battle’s done – and we need more weapons (Freedom)

2019 – A year in review (London Anarchist Federation)

The last time? (Mal Content – Wessex Solidarity)

None of Us Cracked the Corbyn Moment – but, Comrades, We Can All Build On It (Plan C London)

General election: Labour faces meltdown (Revolutionary Communist Group)

Scotland free or a desert (Scottish Unemployed Worker’s Network)