A few observations on parachuting in activists to try and win seats for Labour in the election tomorrow. From our support for a number of campaigns in Southend, we’ve got to know a fair few Labour activists down there. Judging by what we’ve seen, their campaign in the Southend West constituency where they’re doing their level best to unseat David Amess looks to be one that’s pretty much being done by local activists. If that’s conveyed on the doorstep, then who knows, David Amess could possibly be looking for a new role come Friday (fingers crossed).

On the other hand, from what we’ve seen, there appears to be a fair number of outside activists being parachuted into the Thurrock constituency in a bid to try and unseat the incumbent Tory MP, Jackie Doyle-Price (a.ka.a Jackie Boiled Rice) and get the Labour candidate, John Kent (a.k.a. you can guess!) elected. The truth is, neither Doyle-Price or Kent are particularly well regarded by the public of Thurrock.

Having done politics in this area for more years than we care to remember, we can say with some certainty that the locals will not react positively to being told by someone from outside the borough how to vote. Whether that will prompt them to hold their noses and vote for Doyle Price or take a punt on the maverick independent who’s standing, we won’t know until the results come in sometime on Friday morning.