To be honest its best not to ask because it’s getting embarrassing for those pushing it: Saga of botched apartments goes on – while developers try to cram more flats in to recoup losses. The apartment development in question, Pullman Court, is right by Grays railway station and very close to the Thurrock Council offices. It’s a prime location and for a council wanting to push the re-generation of Grays town centre, it’s a project they’d want to go smoothly.

Well, as you can read in the news report, it’s gone anything but smoothly. Water running through electric points, exposed electrics in public areas, damp, collapsed walls and ceilings…the list goes on. This is in apartments that were being marketed for between £200,000 to £300,000. Residents who’ve forked out a small fortune on these apartments are understandably p***ed off.

Here’s the kicker… The developers responsible took out a contract with a building regulations company, Bureau Veritas who eventually passed on their responsibilities for building control to Thurrock Council in November 2018. Thurrock Council are insisting this isn’t the case and that they have no responsibility to oversee building standards at Pullman Court.

So, the buck is being passed between a developer who’s not up to the job of building apartments to a decent standard, Bureau Veritas who appear to have lost interest and Thurrock Council who don’t appear to want the responsibility of sorting this mess out. Seriously, you couldn’t make this up!

This is literally a few yards round the corner from the civic centre Thurrock Council want to expand. The council wondered why there was so much public hostility to the proposed extension of their offices. We reckon the answer is that the public of Thurrock simply do not trust the council when it comes to project management and taking ownership of their screw ups.

This is yet another clusterf**k that Thurrock Council has got itself involved in. The difference with this one is that it’s literally on their doorstep. Despite this, it looks like they’re still trying to evade responsibility. Thurrock Council are not fit for purpose…end of…