Okay, the source isn’t the most up to date but it’s interesting to note that non-voters outnumbered the support given to the winning party. That’s something to think about isn’t it?

Obviously the ongoing election campaign is more unpredictable than normal because of the entry of the Brexit ‘Party’ on the one hand and a sizeable surge of younger voters registering to vote on the other. It’s difficult to predict the outcome of this election, however, it won’t be a surprise if the number of non-voters is still more than or at least matches the number of votes gained by the ‘winning’ party.

The number of non-voters is pretty significant, yet apart from the occasional vox-pop from a journalist who’s out on the streets in a town or city away from the Westminster bubble, they barely rate a mention. Why could that be we ask ourselves?

Around a third of the electorate has taken a look at the shitshow that’s the political system we have and for a variety of reasons, have concluded that they want nothing to do with it. When the system screws you over each and every day, what’s the point in legitimising it by putting your cross in a ballot box every few years?

Sure, Brexit is being presented as a rupture with the way politics has been done and it’s true that it has shaken politics in this country to the core. The point is that even after all the ‘excitement’ caused by Brexit, if a third of the electorate refuse to legitimise what many see as a new political paradigm, then it’s game over.

A third of the electorate effectively concluding that the system has no legitimacy because it has excluded them should be a massive story. It’s not for the very simple reason that the truth is too unpalatable for the politicians and the vast majority of the media to accept – namely that the system is reaching it’s use by date. That’s a very hard truth to swallow so it’s not surprising that heads are being buried in the sand.

As we’ve written previously, massive change is on the agenda. How that will play itself out is incredibly hard to predict at the moment. There’s everything to play for and everything to lose. Let’s make sure we’re not on the losing side…