This is regarding comments made by visitors to this blog. Spoiler alert – we don’t get a lot as people prefer to engage with us via social media. We’re old school and prefer to engage with comments here on the blog. That’s because it feels there isn’t the pressure to respond immediately that there is on social media – although that’s a purely subjective opinion.

It looks as though one or two legitimate comments/criticisms have gone straight to our spam folder. If someone is commenting with a user name that looks obviously made up, the spam filter on this blog will chuck it straight into the spam folder. We don’t bother looking through the spam we get – it just gets deleted.

If we’ve binned what someone has in good faith submitted as a comment/criticism because it ended up in our spam folder, please accept our apologies, it wasn’t intentional. Obviously, we understand that people will have legitimate reasons for not wanting a user name that maps closely to their real life identity. We’re not techies and haven’t much of a clue how these things work but if people could devise more ‘legitimate’ sounding user names, their comments will hopefully end up in the queue for approval rather than the spam folder.

Alternative ways of engaging with us are a) e-mail: or b) via our Facebook page – – where we always announce the posts we put up on here.

Sometimes, we’ll put a post up about issues within the anarchist movement and our somewhat tenuous relationship, realise that leaving the post up will do more harm than good and then remove it. To be honest, we shouldn’t put up posts like that because a) our target audience out here in Essex aren’t interested in the machinations of what goes on in the movement and b) if we’ve got issues with the movement, we should deal with them internally rather than air them in public. We’ll do our level best in the future to either keep our thoughts to ourselves or try to resolve issues with the comrades concerned.

We know we’re not everyone’s cup of tea and that for various reasons, we’re left operating on the fringes of the anarchist movement. We realise that a fair number of anarchists will have some disagreements with us – so long as they’re expressed without insults or worse, we’re fine with that. Yes, we know we can come across as a bit abrasive, gobby and cheeky at times. The two of us behind this blog have our roots in East London – what else do you expect?:)