These are the thoughts of DiY CULTURE on this superb podcast (link above) from The Whitechapel Anarchist:

The weasel-words of turgid, squirming, lying politicians from all sides of the house, keep spewing forth – Brexit has exposed quite beautifully, how dysfunctional our ‘Mother of Parliaments’ is. A hive of scum and villainy, sucking on lifetime careers, subsidised food, heating, accommodation and transport – expenses chits for everything else. Not in any way in touch with the alienated communities and austerity-racked lives that the political class in national and local government have overseen. A plague on all their houses – none of them are worth your vote.

The Whitechapel Anarchist cuts through the bullshit around Brexit, Stop The ‘Coup’ and the indifference of the overwhelming majority of our class towards the whole shit-show.