The laziest vox pop ever? Let us know what you think… ‘It’s fearmongering’: talk of coup fails to impress Brexit-backing Grays.

The piece above has got to be the worst piece of so called ‘journalism’ we’ve read in ages. A so called ‘journalist’ goes to Grays High Street and interviews a small sample of what they view as ‘white working class’* people about Brexit and then draws conclusions that fit pre-determined stereotypes and prejudices about people from Essex.

Sure, we know the area we operate in is very much Brexit inclined but this kind of simplistic crap misses out a lot of the story. If the so called ‘journalist’ had bothered to interview the full spectrum of people to be found on Grays High Street ranging from English, Irish, through to Sikh, people of African origin, Nepalese, and the full range of those from mainland Europe – to name just some of the cast that make Thurrock the place we love – he might have come up with a more nuanced picture. After interviewing this range of people, the overall picture may still well have been very much Brexit inclined but a) it would have been more accurate and b) it wouldn’t be playing to crude stereotypes.

All this piece does is fuel the prejudices liberal middle class Guardian readers have about our class (and about people from Essex) while implicitly dismissing the concerns that drove the vote for Brexit in the first place.

*FYI, ‘white working class’ is a crude, lazy and divisive term imposed by liberal commentators who have sod all knowledge of what life in a working class community is really like.