We reproducing the piece below as a periodic reminder that what happens with the housing crisis in London has an impact out here in Essex. Residents who want to stay in London are being forced out by so called ‘re-generation’ schemes that always seem to involve the removal of working class Londoners out of the capital. A number of these households are being re-located, against their will, in privately rented properties across the south of Essex, putting further strain on the housing situation out here. All we ask is that people out here in Essex who are fed up with the housing crisis take a step back, look at the bigger picture and put the blame where it really belongs – on the greedy developers who are using London as a cash cow. The housing struggle has to be one, united struggle!

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Residents near Tottenham’s new stadium fear they’re being ‘pushed out of area’

The campaign against the Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV) was in effect taken over by Labour Party members – activists were told to hold back, don’t be too offensive towards Lendlease (property developers), Kober (ex Council Leader now working for property developers) and Strickland (ex Housing & Regeneration Officer now working for property developers). That once new ‘left wing’ councillors were elected, there would be an end to corrupt housing policy, an end to getting into bed with parasite landlords and developers. The council are (predictably) still working with union blacklisters Lendlease and the social cleansers of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club (*FOYS!) – all across the borough, totally unsuitable ‘luxury’ developments are rising from the dust of social housing and from any piece of land that is owned by the council (anyone would think they were making up for the shortfall in Government funding, by trying to rake in as much council tax revenue as possible).

The Labour controlled HDV campaign failed to engage the people on the estates that were actually affected by managed decline, social cleansing and ‘regeneration’ – partly because it was Labour politicians that implemented those anti-working class policies. It was Labour politicians that abandoned those estates and communities decades ago. And it’s Labour politicians that are something of a bitter joke on the streets of a borough that they’ve controlled for 60 years. A horrible conflict of interest is evident – this reaches a crescendo when it’s vote-begging season. Maybe we should just let them build the flats and then take them back by force when the downturn comes?