We came across an interesting piece from CrimethInc. a couple of days ago – here are a couple of extracts:

The Importance of Print Media

In a time when digital media is the dominant form of communication, we remain passionately committed to print media and other forms of communication that intervene in the offline world. It is catastrophic that massive technology companies control so many of the channels through which we communicate with one another. While we acknowledge the importance of utilizing these channels, we recognize that it puts us in an extremely vulnerable position to depend on state-regulated capitalist institutions for our access to each other.

We have been a print project from the very beginning. The first CrimethInc. projects took place before the prevalence of digital communication. We collaborated by means of the postal service and landline telephones. Even if one day we find ourselves entirely banned from online activity, it would be impossible for any corporation or government to track down and destroy every single one of the hundreds of thousands of books we have distributed, or the literally millions of posters and zines we have put into circulation.

You can read this piece in full here.

The above piece is from the US but a lot of what’s written applies over here, particularly as the political, economic and social climate we operate in becomes more unpredictable and volatile by the day. We would be naïve to assume that we can continue into the future using the social media and blogging platforms we do without some form of censorship bearing down upon us at some point.

That wouldn’t just come from a possible Brexit Party / hard right Tory coalition – in a ‘national emergency’ there’s as much chance of it coming a Blairite centrist coalition or even a Corbyn led Labour government. ‘National emergencies’ are an excuse for the government of the day, regardless of political orientation, to clamp down on anyone they deem to be getting awkward and uppity. Regular readers may have noticed that ‘awkward and uppity’ is our stock in trade. Let’s face it, there are a few councils, councillors and senior council officers across the region we cover who’d love it if we could be shut up!

So, that’s why we carry on with the papers and flyers because once they’re distributed, they’re out there and there’s little the authorities can do about it. Not only that, like most anarchist and radical groups, the readers of our blogs and followers of our social media platforms tend to be self selecting. With papers and flyers that can be distributed on protests and actions, door-to-door on selected estates and in sympathetic venues, our reach is wider.

We’re doing this on limited resources – financial and human. We want to and need to do more but we need your help. More money for bigger print runs would be a good start. However, that’s only a start. The bigger the print run, the more effort is needed to distribute our propaganda. We need:

a) people who want to take a bundle of our papers to hand out to friends, neighbours, family and colleagues
b) people who know of or run venues that would be sympathetic to our politics to take papers for their patrons to read
c) people who want to help us with town centre and high street distributions – the more we can get out, the more of a buzz we can create
d) people who want to take papers to any protests or actions in Essex that we may not be able to make it to ourselves

The more people we can get involved in distributing our papers and other forms of printed propaganda, the greater the impact we can make. We’re entering a volatile and challenging period and we really need to get more people on board helping us. Any help that can be offered will be greatly appreciated. If you want to get involved, this is our contact e-mail: seradicalmedia@protonmail.com