The paper archive on this blog has been been updated and expanded.

From the top, starting in the South Essex Radical Media section, we now have: The South Essex Heckler, Alternative Estuary, On The Streets and The South Essex Stirrer.

In the Collaborations and Side Projects section, we have: DiY CULTURE, Rebel City and The Hill.

Last but by no means least, in the Golden Oldies section we have: East End Howler and from our distant IWCA days – Corringham & Stanford Independent and the Thurrock Independent.

For a variety of reasons, there has been a decline in the number of anarchist and radical papers in circulation. Papers may be seen by younger activists as being a bit ‘old school’ as they use various forms of social media instead. The thing is that if the authorities decide they don’t like what you’re saying on social media, with enough pressure, it takes just a few buttons to be pressed and your online presence can be obliterated. It takes considerably more effort from the authorities to shut down a paper and it’s distribution network. So, even just from a basic security perspective, we think that radical papers should still have a future.

What we’re trying to do is digitally preserve as much of our paper heritage as possible while continuing, as finances permit, to carry on producing papers into the future. We hope that what we do and the collaborations we have with the likes of DiY CULTURE will inspire activists to produce papers as a significant part of their propaganda armoury.