Yesterday (Wednesday 27.3), Parliament attempted to exercise its ‘control’ of the Brexit omnishambles by ‘debating’ and then voting on a range of indicative alternatives to the Withdrawal Agreement that has been voted on and defeated twice. Parliament, couldn’t come up with any alternative that could secure a majority of votes. Less that 48 hours before what was supposed to be the scheduled departure date from the EU – 11pm, Friday 29th March – and those who presume to ‘rule’ over us haven’t got a sodding clue how to move things forwards.

That distant sound of laughter coming from somewhere to the south east of these screwed up islands that constitute the (dis)United Kingdom? That’s Brussels and the EU 27 pissing themselves laughing at the bunch of clowns in government and Parliament attempting to get out of the deep, dark, dank and fetid hole they’ve dug themselves into.

Looking at the shitshow in government and Parliament, all you can see is self serving jockeying in a series of botched attempts to secure party political advantage. These charlatans claim to care about the country but all they really care about is making sure their faction prevails and they, or their preferred ‘champion’ gets a shot at the top job – being the next Prime Minister or the next leader of the opposition.

The government is broken beyond repair. The party political system is crumbling before our eyes as Brexit divides and splinters both the Tories and Labour. While this self serving bunch of shits continue to squabble and posture, outside in the real world, the suffering resulting from permanent austerity imposed for idealogical continues to kill and wreck lives.

A lot of commentators are talking about the way Brexit has divided the country. To a certain extent, we would acknowledge that the way the whole process has been conducted has created some deep divisions. However, we’re noticing a growing trend among the Leavers and Remainers we know who are starting to reach a common position that the political system we have to endure is dysfunctional and no longer fit for purpose.

There’s a rapidly growing anti-politics and anti-politicians mood as a result of the shambolic Brexit shitshow that seemingly cannot reach a conclusion. That anti-politics mood presents us with the best opportunity we’ve ever had to put a progressive, radical, grassroots orientated agenda for change on the table. People are fed up, angry and are looking for answers – we need to up our game. If we don’t up our game, the reactionaries and authoritarians are already lining up to seize the opportunity to move in and impose their agenda upon us.

We’re in a situation where potentially, there’s everything to gain but there’s also everything to lose as well. It’s crunch time…a sense of urgency is needed right now…