Given the number of EU citizens living in the area we cover and the growing uncertainty over what form Brexit will take and how that will affect their right, this piece offers a stark warning of the threats they face from an increasingly hostile Home Office.

By Mikhil Karnik – 26 February 2019

As Brexit approaches, the impact on EU citizens, their non-EU family members and dependants, is becoming increasingly clear:

I am taught a lesson every single day that I am not welcome here in so many different ways… Sometimes we have to find so much courage, and we are abandoned and isolated… I felt disappointed at first but now I am angry and bitter… I’m anxious. I’m afraid. I’m disgusted. I’m disappointed.

The Government says it will offer ‘settled status’ to EU citizens and their non-EU family members. According to Amber Rudd, this will be ‘as easy as setting up an online account at LK Bennett’, where apparently you can pick up a bargain leopard print jumpsuit for a mere £350. As it turns out, easy could not be further from the truth. And now it has become tolerably clear that the Government’s ‘settled status’ approach amounts to an huge expansion of state power, and an equally colossal bureaucratic interference in the lives of millions of people who live, work and are rooted in the UK, in many cases born in the UK and living here for decades.

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