The Brexit crisis is blundering on towards a seemingly inevitable conclusion that will see the UK crashing out of the EU at 11pm on Friday 29th March without a deal, unleashing disruption and chaos. Every time we think we’ve reached peak bullshit, hot air, threats and hubris, another politician opens their mouth and we reach a new, even more bizarre level.

Firstly there’s Brussels. They’ve given Theresa May a Withdrawal Agreement and unrealistically, expect her to get it through a fractious Parliament – failure to do that means leaving without a deal. The EU elites have given May as much as they can afford to give – if they make any more concessions that would make it easier for the UK, they will light the fuse that will eventually bring their project crashing down.

The EU is in crisis and cannot afford to make it easy for any country to quit, hence their giving the UK a hard time. An easy divorce would see other countries seriously considering quitting – at the moment, Italy is seen as the next possible leaver. Letting the UK and then Italy go on terms that are anything less than punitive would set off a domino effect which could finish the EU off.

Ignore the bullshit – the EU is not a partnership of equals. You only have to look at the example of Greece and how they were screwed over when trying to deal with their debt crisis. Ask any Greek what they think of the Germans who were instrumental in screwing them over and you’ll hear some colourful language.

The EU is a neo-liberal cartel. One that will look after the interests of big business at the expense of the ordinary people of Europe. When people in a country decide they’ve had enough of being subjugated by neo-liberalism and take to the streets in protest, they will find the full force of the state lined up against them – this is what’s happening in France with the increasingly brutal tactics being deployed by the security forces against the Gilets Jaunes. France is in crisis and that’s not good for an increasingly desperate EU elite who want to present a show of business as normal to the world.

Then there’s Parliament. There are many MPs who do not seem to be able to understand that when Brussels say the Withdrawal Agreement is not up for any further re-negotiation, they mean it. What’s worse, it would seem that many of these MPs don’t appear to have much of a grasp as to the political dynamics of why Brussels has to dig its heels in on the Withdrawal Agreement. As well as this, there’s an element of MPs who seem to think that if Parliament can persuade the government to shout and stamp its feet loudly enough, Brussels will relent and go back to the negotiating table.

This attitude is a mixture of stupidity and the hard to shift remnants of post imperial hubris. There are still too many MPs who have an inflated, unrealistic sense of Britain’s role in the world, thinking it still has clout and demanding that Brussels makes concessions it can’t afford to make. Somehow, we think these puffed up charlatans are going to have a massive shock when the oncoming train of harsh reality runs through them and destroys the last remaining dregs of post imperial hubris in the process. Something that’s known in our neck of the woods as ‘a lesson in manners’. Lessons that from anecdotal evidence are always painful and sometimes fatal.

Then there’s Jacob Rees-Mogg, Boris Johnson and others of their ilk. If you want to understand the motives of these hard Brexiters who favour crashing out of the EU without a deal, we recommend that you follow the money. These MPs and/or their close associates are immensely wealthy and stand to gain financially when the inevitable no deal exit from the EU happens. Basically, we’re talking about cynical, opportunistic, carpet bagging asset strippers out for themselves.

What a shower of shite! From Brussels to Parliament, we’re ruled by self serving scumbags who’ll put their own financial and/or political interests and ambitions interests ahead of us mere plebs. A growing number of Leavers and Remainers are coming to the conclusion that the political classes are self serving hypocrites. When the shite starts hitting the fan in the chaos of a no deal Brexit, we suspect that the anti-politicians mood will rapidly grow. We are indeed living in ‘interesting times’…