After the piss poor attendance at the People’s Assembly ‘Broken Britain’ march last Saturday (12.1) and the failure of Corbyn’s motion of no confidence in a bid to oust the government last night (16.1), if it’s not clear to the Labour luvvies that a general election isn’t going to happen any time soon, it never will be. If the Left had any genuine enthusiasm for forcing an election, they would have put some effort into mobilisation and the numbers at Broken Britain would have been in excess of 15-20,000 instead of the pathetic 2,000 they mustered.

As we’ve written before – The vacuum opens up… – the British public were unsurprisingly conspicuous by their absence at the Broken Britain march. When John McDonnell was making his speech at the rally in Trafalgar Square at the end of the march, looking out over the meagre scattering of marchers present, it must have been blindingly obvious to him that in a country sick to death of all politicians, there’s no appetite for a general election and all of the hot air, posturing and lies that go with it.

As for the defeat of Corbyn’s motion of no confidence in May’s shitshow of a government, that was entirely predictable. While the Tory party may be split over Brexit, what unites them and the DUP stooges propping up May’s hapless government is the desire to cling onto power at any cost, even if they give every appearance of not having a sodding clue what to do with that power. That motion of no confidence was nothing more than self serving political posturing that a growing number of people in this country are sick of witnessing.

As for Labour’s so called ‘radicalism’ under Corbyn’s leadership, let’s take a look at the record. This is how a Labour controlled authority is treating striking bin workers in Birmingham: Labour council threatens bin workers with Tory union laws. Then there’s this which is a compilation of pretty much everything we’ve written about social cleansing from London and the willing complicity in that process from Labour controlled councils across the capital: Getting booted out of London.

The Left are incapable of grasping the blindingly obvious fact there’s a growing ‘a pox on all your houses’ mood towards all politicians in this country. So incapable, that the People’s Assembly couldn’t see the contradiction in their inept hi-jacking the yellow vests, the symbol of the anti-politics and anti-elite ‘gilets jaunes’ movement that has been sweeping across France for the last few months. The Left have retreated even further into their own self referential bubble and really do not have a clue what people are thinking and feeling in the country at large.

One thing that’s starting to unite people regardless of whether, they voted Leave or Remain in the EU referendum, regardless of whether they’re recently arrived migrants or indigenous inhabitants of this country – the list goes on – is a growing anti-politics and anti-politicians mood. The political system we have to endure in this country is dysfunctional and breaking down. Regardless of where people place themselves on the political spectrum, they feel that there’s no-one looking out for their interests. Everything is up for grabs at the moment.

People are pissed off with the way things are going at the moment. The farce of the Brexit process from the referendum campaign back in 2016, the attempts of a divided government to wrest a halfway acceptable deal from the EU and lastly, the intransigence of Brussels in setting their own red lines in order to preserve their project, has served to fuel anger at politics and politicians. A political vacuum has opened up… We’ve asked this question before and will continue to ask it – who’s going to fill that vacuum?

Things are moving at a rapid and unpredictable pace. If the UK gets blundered into a no deal Brexit on March 29th with the ensuing disruption and chaos that will bring, we really will be in uncharted territory. This is the best opportunity we’ve had to fight for a system change that will bring power right down to the grassroots in our communities. Grassroots power that will lead to an equitable, sane and sustainable society with progressive values. The problem we face is that the forces of reaction are making their presence felt in a way that poses grave threats to our ideals and aspirations. They have no answers – they can only offer division and hate and subservience to an authoritarian state. There’s everything to play for and…everything to lose…