A few words about the links from this blog

When we link to another group from this blog, it is not a one hundred percent endorsement of their politics, strategy and tactics. What it represents is an acknowledgement that they’re broadly moving in the same direction of travel as us. If we were to be totally purist and insist on near total alignment with our politics, there would certainly be fewer links in the sidebar!

Fortunately we’re not purists, we’re pragmatists. Operating out here in Essex, we have to be pragmatic when it comes to working with ad-hoc alliances to achieve a result. The Save Southend NHS campaign is one such example of a broad ranging ad-hoc alliance that got a result and one that we’ve been happy to stand alongside on a few occasions. Save Our Libraries Essex looks to be another alliance we’ll be happy to support.

We’ve always liked the idea of a range of groups and individual activists working together for a period of time to achieve an objective and once that objective has been achieved, going their own way while still remaining in touch and then forming other alliances as and when the need arises. The key is being open, flexible and willing to adapt to changing circumstances. That’s how the whole project of radical change can move forwards:)


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  1. Reblogged this on Wessex Solidarity and commented:
    This is pretty much how we operate also. If we criticise an action or policy we try to be specific and leave personal feelings out. Above all you need to be involved in a campaign to have an opinion on how it’s run!

    And when it’s occasionally necessary to take issue with someone over careless language or historical revisionism, the best way still is and always will be, one to one and face to face.

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