Dave – the editor

2018…although we’re in reasonable shape now, to be honest, it’s been a year we want to forget about and move on from. Some major lessons have been learned during the course of that year…

One being, stick to the class struggle/grassroots activism remit we’ve set ourselves and focus on fulfilling that to the best of our ability. With a re-configured Heckler blog and the addition of the Alternative Estuary blog, we reckon we’re closer to getting these bases covered. Alternative Estuary, is about building a new world in the shell of the existing dysfunctional one we currently endure, unlike this blog which points out what’s wrong with the world and agitates for radical change in a feisty, ‘in yer face’ way.

Another lesson learned in the course of 2018 is do not, under any circumstances, get sucked into rows about issues we as a group have no lived/political experience of, regardless of the level of provocation we get. It’s not like we haven’t got enough on our plates to deal with as it is! I’d like to offer my sincere apologies to anyone I’ve upset writing about issues I have no real lived experience or in depth knowledge of.

Summer was not good as we all experienced a degree of burn out and had to pull back from a fair bit of our activity to get our lives back. That happens to a lot of activists – we thought that somehow we’d be immune to that but no, we got well and truly whacked by burn out! We’ve learned the lessons from that and are pacing things a bit better now.

There has been a lot of chopping and changing across our blogs and social media in 2018. Part of that was abandoning projects and trajectories that turned out to be costly mistakes and re-launching to get back on track. Part of it is down to our constantly reviewing everything we do and if something isn’t working, re-configuring or even binning it. Our blogs and social media outlets are not ends in themselves – they are merely means to an end.

We think we’re getting this project back to where we want it to be. Hopefully, we’re as ready as we can be with our very limited resources to deal with what’s going to be a very tough, challenging 2019. Obviously, we warmly welcome any help and solidarity from anyone in the south of Essex who shares our values and wants to get stuck into the project of building for a revolution:)