A really useful analysis of the ongoing uprising in France which has more than a few signs of entering a pre-revolutionary phase. Events aren’t going according to the standard left wing textbooks but then again, they rarely do as real life is complex and messy. The point is that we have to engage with complex messy situations like this if we want the radical, progressive outcome we all desire. At the moment there’s everything to play for…

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D8paris2 Paris, Saturday December 8

What would an anti-capitalist revolution actually look like, if it happened?

That is the question that must be going through many an anarchist’s mind as current events unfold in France.

The Gilets Jaunes or Yellow Vest movement has staged four successive Saturdays of startling and energetic mass mobilisations across France against the neoliberal Macron regime, turning a protest against the cost of living into an attempted insurrection.

On Saturday December 8 there were more than a thousand arrests as crowds occupied central Paris and caused general havoc from Toulouse to Bordeaux, Nantes to Marseilles. The protests even spread to Brussels in Belgium.

D8paris5 Paris, Saturday December 8

d8brux3 Gilets Jaunes in Brussels on December 8

Another huge day of action is planned for Saturday December 15, which is being billed as Act V of the show, in which neoliberal President Macron finally resigns!

Meanwhile, France’s capitalists are complaining

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