The revolt of the ‘gilets jaunes’ has unnerved the French establishment. One of the reasons for this is that it’s spontaneous and comes from the grassroots of forgotten France away from the glitzy centres of the major cities. The important thing is that it’s apolitical, rejects both the right and the left and wants rid of an elitist political system that is screwing ordinary people over. The hi-vis yellow jackets worn by the majority of the rebels have become one of the symbols of this revolt.

Over here in the UK, we’re in the midst of a crisis (for some) of political legitimacy as an infighting Tory government simultaneously tears itself apart and ties itself in knots over what Brexit means and how it’s going to be delivered. A crisis exacerbated by the EU playing hardball because they cannot afford to make any concessions to the UK that would weaken their fracturing project. A crisis that has further eroded what little faith people had in the political system. At the moment, that loss of faith has yet to manifest itself in any meaningful way on the streets…

Meanwhile, Labour are cynically manoeuvre from the sidelines, sensing what they see as the possibility of a general election and taking power. For those of us who have been following the antics of Labour councils in power, particularly in London, their shameful record on implementing social cleansing in the name of ‘regeneration’ means we will not in any way, shape or form be welcoming a Labour government should by some fluke that ever happens.

With Brexit, matters come to a head (of sorts) on Tuesday 11th December when Parliament votes on the ‘deal’ May managed to squeeze out of an EU playing hardball to ensure it’s own survival. There will be a lot of people gathering on and milling around Parliament Square and the surrounding streets in the build up to the result of the vote being declared. Our guess is that the whole spectrum of opinion could well be present which will make things ‘interesting’ and pose a bit of a policing challenge.

Predictably, as you can see from the image at the top of this post, The People’s Assembly have decided to mobilise to be in Parliament Square from 5pm onwards next Tuesday and in their promotion for this, they’ve hi-jacked the potent symbol of the yellow vest for their own cynical ends. Namely, hoping to play a part in forcing a general election and paving the way for the triumphal entry of a Corbyn led Labour government.

The People’s Assembly must have the intellectual capacity to see that the revolt of the ‘gilets jaunes’ in France is a grassroots, apolitical one. So, the only thing we can conclude from The People’s Assembly hi-jacking the potent symbol of the yellow jacket for their cynical Labour vote begging exercise in Parliament Square is that they want astroturf any spontaneous protest and turn it into yet another tedious Corbyn love fest.

That’s if people let them get away with it. The political climate is unpredictable and volatile, full of risks but also full of opportunities as well. Let’s not allow the likes of The People’s Assembly to try and smother any attempt for the real voice of the pissed of millions to have their say and to act if they see fit. See you in Parliament Square on Tuesday:)