The image on the left shows window and door frames and other items of trash that were dumped in the Dewsgreen area of the Vange Hill estate on November 22nd. The items were thrown out of a van which then sped off at speed with the back doors still open. The image on the right shows another pile of window and door frames dumped down by the A13 in Vange. Hopefully, this is just one cowboy builder (a.k.a. scumbag) spreading their trash around after a job rather than an upsurge in the number of rogue operators.

It’s bad enough when this kind of flytipping happens down a country lane despoiling the environment and endangering wildlife. When it happens in the middle of a residential neighbourhood, it’s taking the p**s. In fact, we’d see this as an assault upon a community. It’s a sign of the dog eat dog society we have to endure – rogue traders looking out for themselves, cutting every corner that they can and not caring about the consequences of their actions on the neighbourhoods they dump in.

We write frequently about the need for community pride and neighbourhood solidarity. These are just a couple of the pieces we’ve written: No sense of what community means… and: How do we deal with the wreckers? It’s about people feeling that they live in a decent environment where they feel secure. What the scumbag cowboy builder(s) have done in Vange (and are doing all over the place) is a blatant assault on that.

Cowboy builders don’t exist in a vacuum. They live somewhere and have neighbours. They need to know that their actions are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Would you want to live next to or near someone who has a complete disregard for other people? No, you wouldn’t. So, let’s take these scumbags to task…