This is one of the pieces in the latest print edition of the Heckler which should be out within the next fortnight…

Why do we stand against divide and rule tactics from both the state and the reactionary elements on the far right who lurk on some of our estates? It’s simply because a neighbourhood that’s divided and where people are fearful of each other isn’t going to be in a position to get anything changed for the better. Providing the consequences of divide and rule can be contained to a manageable level, that may well suit the authorities – for those of us seeking radical, progressive change, it’s a massive problem.

While recognising that we’re all different (life would be boring if we weren’t!) and that in a fair few cases, people will have come from a long way off to live where they are now, we all want the best for the neighbourhood we live in. Building for radical change from the grassroots upwards will only happen if people pull together, particularly in the current climate of increasing volatility and tension.

What do we mean by solidarity? It starts by simply looking out for the people either side of us. It starts to spread by them looking out for us and those to the other side of them. It spreads further when we work collectively in our neighbourhoods to make sure no one falls through the net. It strengthens when we collectively achieve results that make our neighbourhoods better and happier places to live. This is the solidarity we want to see and that’s why we’ll stand up to the divide and rule merchants who want us at each others throats so we can be more easily controlled.