The two of us who are behind this blog and the occasional Heckler paper have been away on a short break in Bristol (that explains the dearth of posts over the last few days!). We like muck raking, scurrilous, radical papers. So you can image our delight when on our evening visits to various pubs in Bristol, we kept finding piles of The Bristolian paper available for the punters. The Bristolian is a blog as well but like us, they know that blogs tend to only attract a self selecting audience whereas as paper in a pub is more likely to be picked up by a curious punter.

On the subject of papers, after some agonising as to whether we should wait for the muppets supposedly running this country to decide what’s actually going to happen with Brexit, we’ve decided to go ahead and produce a paper anyway – one that (most likely) will not be mentioning the dreaded B word! We’re going to be experimenting with an eight page edition that will give us a chance to cover a wider range of issues and play around with some eye catching graphics. The aim is to have this paper ready for the New Year so we can hit the ground running in what’s shaping up to be an unpredictable, volatile and challenging year.

We’re looking to change the distribution model with less emphasis on door-to-door distribution and more on getting the Heckler into a range of venues, finding more events to hand them out at and getting out and about on more protests and actions. With the way things are going, there’s bound to be an upsurge in activity on the street and we aim to be a part of that – without getting nicked! As ever, any offers of help with distribution of the Heckler will be greatly appreciated.