The next phase of ‘consultation’ for the Lower Thames Crossing (LTC) is now underway. As far as Highways England are concerned, it’s a done deal and all that remains to be settled are tweaks to their plans. Basically, the consultations are about asking residents of Thurrock precisely how they would like to be screwed over by a six lane highway smashing it’s way through our environment, bringing yet more noise and pollution, not to mention an increase in CO2 emissions.

In case Highways England and all of the supporters of the LTC and ever increasing ‘growth’ in the region haven’t noticed, climate scientists recently released a report effectively stating that business as normal is not an option: World leaders ‘have moral obligation to act’ after UN climate report. Looking the the graphic above, were at the point where we’re moving from Oops to Fuck. Time is running out if we’re going to have a planet that’s habitable for future generations.

If you’re going along to one of the Highways England ‘consultations’, you may want to think about shifting the agenda from sliproad alignments, cutting depths and embankment heights to why the heck are they building a traffic generating road that will only add to overall CO2 emissions and hasten catastrophic climate change. Obviously how you do that is entirely down to you:)