In the wake of the march for a People’s Vote on Brexit that took place in London on Saturday 20th October, we’d like to reproduce the following observations from three trusted comrades…


As I watched the legions of the middle-classes file past me yesterday in central London, the overwhelming sensation was not that these people with their ‘witty’ placards, cared about the migrants drowning in the Aegean Sea (marching incidentally, with the the very politicians that voted for the wars that caused the ‘migrant crisis’), or that they gave a toss about the mass of unemployed youth in the poorer regions of Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece; they didn’t seem to give a fuck that there are vast areas of the UK that have been left a barren wasteland by Neo-Liberalism and asset-stripping by the EU, or that wages for most people in this country have been stagnant for a decade or more, or that ‘market forces’ are allowing greedy bastard landlords to push up rents to unaffordable levels – leading to working families being evicted. Or that we have food-banks in every town and city across the UK. Or that the working class communities that built our cities and infrastructure are being socially and culturally cleansed from our own spaces – our clubs, our pubs, our community centres, our estates.

The overwhelming and repugnant sensation was the stench of selfishness and entitlement. Fear that they might have to pay more tax on their second homes in Tuscany and the Loire, worry that easily-exploited labour will dry up and they might actually have to fork out proper wages, worry that they’ll only be able to have four cheap holidays in other peoples misery, rather than five. Still in petulant shock that the ‘People’s Referendum’ didn’t go their way.

With that many people on a demonstration, something more should be happening – maybe instead of marching from A to B and hanging on the words of Chuka Umunna and Alastair Campbell, one of the empty luxury tower blocks, the ghostly totems to global greed that are springing up everywhere across our skylines, could have been occupied and turned into housing for refugees, for those that are languishing on council waiting lists and for the thousands of homeless people in London that were being politely ignored and stepped over yesterday.

Fuck the bosses EU that is obsessed with constant and unsustainable capitalist growth as we head towards climate catastrophe, fuck the bloodsuckers of the World Bank, and the IMF and fuck all the millionaire neo-liberal politicians on both sides of the Brexit debate – solidarity with those working class communities across Europe that have had to to deal with the consequences of a philosophy that puts profit and ‘growth’ and war before people.


It’s been an interesting day asserting boundaries with a mass of whining liberal lefties. Who seem to think its acceptable to dump their Brexshit assumptions on you/me and anyone within earshot that’ll listen

Had sooo much fun demolishing the smug arrogance off a good few boat races by politely telling em: fuck Brexshit…what we the Working Class need is to destroy the elite, and people like YOU and have a fucking revolution!

Funny the liberal lefties have been NOWHERE to be seen, mobilising fighting against austerity cuts (robbing the poor for the rich), estate demolitions, evictions, attacks on the disabled/vulnerable and people forced into destitution!


And there’s this from Lisa Mckenzie

A Case for Solidarity: The Peoples Tantrum and Brexit

Remainers hold off the peoples vote: An argument for Solidarity.

This week those that felt strongly about the United Kingdom remaining in the European Union marched through London demanding a ‘Peoples Vote’ another or a first chance (depending upon your perspective) to have their say on whether the UK leaves or remains in the EU. Although those that support a ‘Peoples Vote’ claim their intentions are simply to further our democracy by allowing the population to have their say on the Brexit negotiations so far, and ultimately what will be the final deal. I wish they would be more honest, they want another referendum, and ultimately they want the first referendum to be overturned, they want to stay in the EU.

I have no problem with their point of view, it’s theirs to have, but I do have a problem with how they see and understand democracy in the UK. This is not a new gripe or critique of mine I say write and argue this weekly and sometimes daily in my work, research, and life as a working class academic.

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