The text below about a no deal Brexit comes from James Patrick. He’s a former cop. He’s now an author, screenwriter, film maker and journalist. As far as we can make out, he’s a credible source. It’s not necessary to like a source in order to quote it so long as you believe it’s credible and what’s revealed is relevant.

Basically, the scenario James Patrick outlines provides some more justification for the number of times we’ve been banging on about the need for neighbourhood resilience and solidarity. 2019 is going to be a rocky, unpredictable year – start preparing for it now in your neighbourhood so we can get through whatever is thrown at us.

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“This is a sanitised briefing. It is rated as “high level of confidence” and supported by OSINT, meaning it comes from multiple, reliable sources and is supported by open source information.

Numerous sources have confirmed the British government is deliberately aiming for a no deal Brexit outcome in order to take advantage of extended powers available to them under the scenario – including civil contingencies and so-called Henry VIII.

The Chequers plan is a ploy designed to engage the EU in distraction from the desired British outcome and create a false narrative at home in the UK that the EU are responsible.

Sources claim emergency legislation is being prepared for January next year (2019) when the Withdrawal Act no deal deadlines pass – this would be 29/01 and the civil contingencies secretariat have been convened as per leaked Hammond notes recently, adding credibility.

On Ireland: The British government hopes the EU will be forced to move first and install a hard border in Ireland in order to avoid blame itself for a situation it has created. Further sources claim the data harvested during Repeal 8th will be used in some “unity” campaigns.

The British government has progressed trade talks with the US to the point of potential emergency supply, moving substantially beyond informal discussions – though the Trump administration should not be taken at its word, a degree of reliance on this has been factored in UK side.

The government intends to create a tax haven on the EU’s doorstep to exploit financial service deregulation. This speaks for itself.

The British government aims to prevent France and other EU countries from properly preparing for no deal by continuing to falsely engage in the negotiations in bad faith, keeping the EU27 from moving from early stage plans to contingency measures as long as possible.

The British government hopes this will create a ripple effect of impact so it can later pursue a “Europe in chaos” narrative of disinformation and exploit the situation. In short hoping to spread the load of no deal impact, particularly into France due to geographical impact.

The British government hopes this collateral damage will add to planned disruption around the EU election processes next spring and they will use dissident relationships to further this – likely to include Orban.

The British are aware that contingency planning in France has not yet reached operational unit level even in the GIGN because the general French presumption is that the British government is genuinely engaged in good faith, which they are not.”