These are images of what was left behind after the rubbish collection on the ¾ estate in Vange last Friday.

In order for the Vange Hill Community Group / Basildon & Southend Housing Action to be able to formulate a plan to deal with the endemic rubbish collection / flytipping situation on the 3/4 estate in Vange, they would like answers to the following from the council:

What is the job description for the refuse collectors?

What are the work instructions that are issued to the refuse collectors when they’re on the 3/4 estate?

What are the key performance indicators being used by the council to monitor the work that is being done by them on the 3/4 estate?

In the interests of transparency and accountability to residents, this information should be freely and easily available. The fact that we’re having to hassle Basildon Council to get answers to the above questions speaks volumes about the culture of way too many local authorities.