This is from Riccardo la Torre, a firefighter and Essex FBU officer. This is a small snapshot of how much strain spending cuts in the name of austerity are putting on an overstretched fire service.

Last night:

– 1 Basildon fire engine had to attend a house fire in Benfleet because Rayleigh’s 2nd engine and part time station has been CUT.
– 1 Basildon engine also had to attend a fire on Canvey because full time crews there have been CUT.
– No Basildon engines were left to attend a house fire in Basildon. The family lost their home.
– South Woodham (full time crews being CUT) had to attend it with Orsett (2nd engine has been CUT) along with neighbouring Corringham (2nd engine also CUT) leaving that area with no fire cover.

These aren’t spate conditions. These are dispersed house fires. Our bread and butter. This is getting truly frightening. Write to your MP. The effects of fire cuts are now a dangerous reality and there is a human cost.