The Cutting Edge is a welcome new initiative that puts progressive working class politics first and one we’ll be watching with great interest.

The Cutting edge aims to be a political podcast that acts as an antidote to the prevailing right-wing narratives, especially the divisive ideas that the far-right peddles in working class communities. We will also occasionally be scrutinising the politics of those who claim to be on ‘our side’, whether far-left, liberal, or soft-left.

We will develop features as the podcast grows, but from the outset this is not about making cash, or fame, or notoriety. There is a battle of ideas going on; our part in that battle is to try to advance progressive, common sense, working class politics as a counter to the extremes of identity politics that are promoted by the left and the right.

The podcasts will be relatively short and to the point, there will be views expressed and opinions sought via the responses on social media.

Future shows will be around themes like:

The Politics of the Free Tommy Robinson Movement
The Working Class
Fascism & Anti-Fascism
Identity Politics
Sport & Politics
Religion & Politics
A Republic or A Monarchy?

The first podcast to be broadcast this week will be a brief introduction to our aims & objectives, plus comment on the fascist attack on trades unionists last weekend.