When people get moved out from London against their will as part of the process of social cleansing, behind the statistics there’s always a personal story. We’re re-blogging this to let people in southern Essex who have concerns about the impact of people moving out of London into their area that there’s another side of the story. Forget what the divide and rule merchants out in Essex are saying – the fight for housing justice whether it’s in London or out here along the estuary is one fight.

Focus E15 Campaign


Over the last four years Focus E15 campaign has constantly raised the issue of intentional homelessness and highlighted the vicious policies of Newham Labour Council under Robin Wales, the previous Mayor, who presided over policies whereby if a homeless family refused to be sent out of London and refused what they called a suitable offer, then they had made themselves ‘intentionally homeless’ and the council could discharge their duty to house them.

This frightening process is what happened to Sara and her two young children, one in school in Newham and one preschool age.  Sara has been working with Focus E15 campaign since December 2017 and has been determined to get housing justice. Sara has family, friends and support networks in Newham and has employment in Newham as well. Read the latest on this story by journalist Kate Belgrave who rightly asks, ‘when will Labour Councils get stuck in’?

Since December…

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